College Speaker

Tim Laskis delivers research, memorable stories, high energy and specific strategies to reduce stress and increase retention.

Students leave Tim’s presentation fired up and ready to unlock their potential.


''Amazing! I really enjoyed it!''

William Key

Professor at ECPI

''Dr. Laskis is a dynamic and energtic speaker who can present information in a concise, enertaining and enlightening manner. His energy level is contagious that motivates his audience to learn valuable and useful information.''

Edward Waller, Ph.D

Adjunct Instructor at Midlands Technical College

''Tim is an energetic speaker who engages his audiences. His ability to merge important skills with story telling was excellent!''

Rebecca George, Ph.D.

CMHC Clinical Coordinator at Webster University

What attendees says:

''Performing the simple breathing technique made me feel more relaxed. I plan to practice it everyday.''

Stephanie L.

''I love the information that I received from the speaker. It helps me alot!''

Stephen W.

''The information was very useful. The speaker had statistics to back it up.''

JiAnne C.

''I enjoyed the message and the exercise that was provided today. I can't wait to share this with my teenage daughter.''

Courtney R.

''This was perfect timing in my studies. Very helpful.''

Tara P.

''Very informative. I believe this would be great for test taking.''

Matthew S.

''Extremely helpful as a student that has issues with breathing and holding my breath while presenting.''

James W.

''It was very interesting and I wanted to hear more about it. Thank you!''

Miyuki H.

''I found this very helpful!''

Leonardo M.

''I look forward to sharing this with my family.''

Frances M.

''Good topic, helpful to many people.''

Hunter M.

''Informative! Easy to relate to. Continue doing what you do!''

Christopher W.

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Presentation Outcome:

Gain clarity of your unique gift, your vision for the future and the critical role your college plays.

Learn the hidden dangers of stress and how this along with mental and physical conditions impact you academically.

Leave motivated with a specific skillset you can use immediately to reduce stress and increase success in the classroom.


Tim struggled in high school and finished toward the back of his class. However, he learned how to succeed academically and graduated with honors from Rutgers University. Tim is a licensed clinical psychologist and has taught graduate level courses since 2007 at Webster University. Helping students succeed and increasing retention is his passion.